B593 Badge

2 3/4" x 1 3/4"
Enamel Type:
Strike Solid:
Lettering Font:
Top Apron:

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Top Panel:

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Bottom Arc:

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Bottom Panel:

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(For Area #4, please see link below to view available seals and enter either the style# or description)
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Nickel $58.00
Rhodium $62.00
Gold Plated $70.50
Hi-Glo $92.00
Rho-Glo $92.00
Gold Panels/Rhodium Background $100.00
Rhodium Panels/Gold Background $100.00
Karat Klad Gold $132.00

* All prices above includes plain color seals
* For one color seal, add $3.00 per badge
* For multicolored seals, add $5.00 per badge


This badge will be shipped to you in 4-6 weeks


Notice: All badges are custom made and therefore are non-returnable. All credit cards will be charged at the time your order is placed.

** There are no returns on custom made badges so please be certain that all fields are entered correctly.


NOTICE: If ordering a law enforcement badge, submit by mail, fax, or email a copy of your photo ID on department letterhead or send a letter of authorization signed by your supervisor with your order.

Dept. Specs will be kept on file for future orders.

Finishes Available:

  • Nickel Plated - Silver in color and has a fair degree of hardness
    Rhodium - Bright silver in color. Tarnish resistant and will not Discolor or peel from the surface of a badge.
    Gold Plated - Gold in color. Consists of 22K + gold electroplate.
    Hi-Glo - Golden Color throughout and requires no surface plating.
    Rho-Glo - Solid Silver color throughout and requires no surface plating.
    Two-Tone - A combination of gold & silver colors.
    Karat Klad Gold - A heavy gold electroplate. The ultimate in fine gold plate with a thick coating of tarnish proof high karat gold. More durable than gold plate.

Attachments Available:

  • Safety Catch
  • Wallet Clip
  • Screw Back

Enamel Type:
  Hard Enamel -
Lettering is hard baked & is flush with the surface of the badge. More durable. Automatically used with Hi-Glo, Rho-Glo, Two-Tone, & Karat Klad Gold Badges.
  Regular Enamel - Raised, painted on, soft enamel. Letters appear to be indented into the badge.

Lettering Font: Block or Roman letters in Black, Blue, or Red. Grey is available for Black Tactical Finish badges.

Seals Available:Click here to view all of our available SEALS.


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